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the south complex community

residents of Wonders, Case, Wilson & Holden

south complex
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a livejournal community for those living in case, wonders, wilson, and holden halls. feel free to join if you live in one of these halls, if you were a former resident, or if you're just a big fan of south complex.

For long posts or large/multiple images please use the lj-cut tag.

Have fun! :)

created by crystaline_iris

maintained by lil_elf
amtrak train station, apa heritage room, barista cafe, c.r.u. room, case hall, chestnut road, holden hall, holden rha movie office, james madison college, michigan state university, mrule, oodles of noodles, residence hall association office, rha office, route 30 spartan village, route 33 campus cruiser/union, south complex, spartan stadium, sparty's convenience store, trowbridge road, wilson hall, wilson road, wonders hall